Builder, Developer, Thought Leader, Mentor.

Who Is

Rich Lamphere?

Rich Lamphere is a multifaceted figure renowned in the world of real estate and
development for his exceptional achievements, mentorship, and thought leadership. With a career that has seen both triumphs and trials, Rich has emerged as a guiding force for aspiring professionals in the industry, offering invaluable insights and guidance.

Rich Lamphere’s journey, as shared in CEO Weekly, is a testament to his resilience and determination. Beyond his role as a builder and real estate developer, he has become a thought leader, enriching the field with his expertise and innovative perspectives. His insights, often featured in prominent publications, demonstrate his commitment to elevating the industry and sharing his wealth of knowledge.

What sets Rich apart is his dedication to mentoring emerging talents. He actively invests in the growth and development of others, imparting wisdom gained through his own experiences. His mentorship extends beyond projects and spreads into the realm of leadership, where he inspires individuals to reach their fullest potential. In addition to his mentoring endeavors, Rich Lamphere is an advocate for worthy causes, as highlighted in Tech Bullion. His journey from adversity to advocacy showcases his transformation into a compassionate supporter of initiatives that make a positive impact on society. He embodies the belief that success should be shared and leveraged to bring about meaningful change.

Rich Lamphere’s commitment to multiple development projects, as chronicled in Tech Times, illustrates his unwavering dedication to his craft. He strives not only to create thriving real estate ventures but also to inspire others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination. Rich Lamphere’s enduring legacy encompasses his role as a builder, developer, mentor, thought leader, and philanthropist—a testament to his profound impact on the real estate industry and the lives he touches.

Rich Lamphere’s
Life Journey

Rich Lamphere's Younger Years

Rich Lamphere started out as a small-town high school quarterback who later married his homecoming queen sweetheart. Throughout school, Rich developed a love for working with wood, metal, and automotive machinery. He took woodshop, metalshop, and auto shop classes in junior high and high school.

Rich Lamphere's Career Starts

Rich's love for carpentry led him to the construction industry. Here, he began his path toward being a successful builder and developer. He started off as a union framer and took every opportunity he could to learn more and gain valuable experience.

Rich Lamphere: Builder, Developer, Thought Leader

Rich's experience eventually led him down the path to becoming a well-known builder, developer, and thought leader in his craft. Rich overcame many obstacles on his journey to success and now seeks to help guide others to find the same success he has found.

Rich Lamphere's Trials

Rich's journey was not always free of hardships. Economic downturns in both the 1990s and 2008 affected his businesses. Despite these downturns, Rich persevered and was able to push past these hard times and become a successful builder and developer who is known as a thought leader in the industry.

Rich Lamphere's Three Rights

Rich Lamphere lives by the following: "Live Right, Be Right, Do Right". Rich has let these three principles guide and navigate him through life. Now, he wishes to help others follow these principles to help propel others to a brighter future.

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